WV010 10-10

Practicing the 3 classics!

Playing: Giuseppe, Greg, Leo, John,

WV009 06-20

Lets get back into the habit of posting things 😉

Playing: Giuseppe, Greg, Leo, John,

WV008 08-16


Playing: Greg, David, John, Giuseppe

WV007 07-12

David still on vacation, the rest still rehearsing

Playing: Greg, John, Giuseppe

WV006 05-31

A nice energetic rehearsal, recorded with the Zoom H1

Playing: David, Greg, John, Giuseppe

WV005 The Endless Ways

This is another song which is actually a jam from the rehearsal room but we keep listening to it for weeks now and because there is a chance we will never play it again like we did that night and because we love it so much we thought you might enjoy it as well. There are many great parts in it, including a stellar bass line that knocks you shoes off somewhere around 4:55.

Leave some comments if you like it!

Playing: David, Quentin, John, Giuseppe

WV004 Sweaty Feet - Drums and Guitar

Bought two cheap Samson C02 overhead mics and new heads for the drums, then mic’ed up the drum kit with one Studio Project B1 condenser mic from the side, an AKG D112 kick mic centered in front of the resonator and the two overhead mics in an XY pattern above the kit.


Apart from just a tiny bit of compression for peak control and leveling the mics slightly no processing like EQ etc was applied. The sound is really nice balanced and alive.

The Guitar is mic’ed with the same condenser, in the middle of cone center and edge of speaker.

Once everything was set up we played a little bit and tried out new variations for the A and B part of Sweaty Feet and this is what it sounds like.

Playing: John, Giuseppe

WV003 01-12

Iterations on last weeks session.

Playing: David, Quentin, John, Giuseppe

WV002 01-05

This is all the Jams from the rehearsal with chapter markers

Playing: David, Quentin, John, Giuseppe